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Def 1. The act of more than one man ejaculating onto a submisive woman's face.
Def 2. What happens to your hamburger at Wendy's
Def 3. How your mother met your father.
The doctor told janus she probably got Herpes in her eyes from all that damn Bukake.
by RHino November 30, 2004

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Simply another word for props.
by Rhino April 27, 2003

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When you're playing chess and you take so long thinking about what move you're going to make that you end up making an idiotic move you spotted in the first 5 seconds but forgot about later on.
During a game of chess, after thinking about his move for 20 minutes ...

Ryan: Ah ha! Eat that! You have been had my friend.
(Jon swoops in and takes Ryan's queen)
Ryan: (Gasp)
Jon: Looks like the ol' Chess Alzheimer's got you again. Checkmate, fool.
Ryan: (Tears up)
Jon: It's okay man. Let's go watch Upstream Color. It'll cheer you up.
Ryan: No thanks, I like stories that are actually good. You know, with a beginning, middle, and end. Fuck that $hit. I'm going to play Halo. (flips chess board and leaves with dignity)
by RhInO May 18, 2013

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A term used to define an object or person which is very slanot, slanotting or daboish.
You are some damn slanot
by Rhino December 02, 2003

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corruption of word pwned and owned.
Stwned - to intoxicate oneself with Cannabis.
owned, pwned and stwned
by RHiNO March 26, 2005

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Originating from a now banned member of an online trivia chat, this term is used to describe one who regularly cheats in a trivia game by using a search engine.
Triviabot: What is pizza

Pepsiman26: stuff

Uphis22:bread w/ cheese containing various topings, including it's most popular: pepperoni.

Triviabot: Uphis22 got it right!

Rhino: Way to Jabu0 you jackass
by Rhino January 01, 2004

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cody agler
Hey mulletboy go cut yer mullet!
by rhino October 29, 2003

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