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Danny Duncan is the drummer for the band We the kings, along with Travis Clark, Hunter Thomsen, and Drew Thomsen. He makes all of their King's Carriage videos and is apparently one hell of a cook. He loves sweet tea, awkward silences, beating Travis at video games, and has randomly come to appreciate pickles. He also usually goes by Dan Dan.
Danny Duncan is the best drummer ever in the best band ever.
by LizLovesWTKForever September 06, 2008
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A youtuber who makes funny prank videos he owns a clothing line that supports abstinence called virginity rocks. He has a friend named Cameron who is a literal dwarf that he likes to fuck around with. He got pretty popular from his series fuck around fridays.
Joe: Yo TayShawn wanna watch some Danny Duncan
TayShawn: Hell yeah that man funny af
by YoungSwegMoney June 08, 2018
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