Daniel James Howell is a sexy noodle. He also has a YouTube channel. But, mainly he just sits and makes videos like the sexy noodle he is.
"So what do you think of danisnotonfire?"
"Daniel is a very sexy noodle"
by DOOTLOVE March 26, 2016
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danisnotonfire had joined YouTube in October 2009 and has since amassed around 5 million subscribers. Called the internet cult leader, Dan, now 24, uploads content that is highly relatable with an amzing sense of self-depracating humor that has made millions of people, usually young adults, his fans.
Besides uploading on his main channel, Dan also has a side channel, danisnotinteresting, which he seems to have forgotten about. He is also a BBC Radio 1 presenter and is author of the New York Times bestseller The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (which he has co-authored with AmazingPhil, aka Phil Lester, his best friend and flatmate since 2009), has presented an esports documentary for BBC Three, and has hosted the BRITs worldwide internet livestream three times now with Phil Lester.

Latest news is that he is going to be touring the USA soon with Phil Lester on The Amazing Tour Is not On Fire.
Did you see the video in whuch danisnotonfire makes his way to the top of the O2? Its hilarious!
by a-sublime-world February 29, 2016
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Danisnotonfire is dead.
'Who is danisnotonfire?'
'I only know Daniel Howell'
by ThatsABitGay June 23, 2018
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A British YouTuber who is completely amazing
GuyOne#Hey girl do you wanna grab a couple drinks tonight?

GirlOne# I can't I'm watching Danisnotonfire

GuyOne: Can't you just watch him tomorrow

GirlOne: NO! Dan is not a second resort
by 😊😊😊😊☺️☺️ December 4, 2016
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Danisnotonfire is a British internet cult leader that makes videos on youtube. His full name is Daniel James Howell.

Dan lives with his flatmate, Phil, who also makes videos. He occasionaly makes videos with his friends PJ, Chris, and Manesh; together they are referred to as the Fantastic Foursome.

Dan is also known to be an astounding cook and has cooked alongside Delia Smith.
I love Dan's videos!

I hope Dan uploads his video on time today..

Danisnotonfire is my favorite YouTuber.
by danisfabulous.tumblr.com November 18, 2012
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