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A giann is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet in your life. Giann is not only gorgeous but funny, nice, caring, and very smart. Gianns can be a bit mysterious and quiet, but they open up soon enough and you’ll be super glad you have such a friend. A giann is the best friend you would ever ask for. All the boys drool over a Giann.
Giann is so pretty I wish she was my girlfriend.
by Kwontistic July 08, 2019
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A real nigga who came into peoples life to make a check and finnese. Very friendly and outgoing but mess with something he loved it's ww3 for all you chirren. A legend in the making . Aka Da Goat alongside with Mattmattdadon another legend .
giann- when you see him show some respek
by Narcos.3e April 11, 2017
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