Giann is that classmate that is sneakily good at everything she does. Physical Education? Giann is there and ready to destroy her peers. Science? Top of the class. Fashion? She's got a surprising amount of drip, and she even has cool perfumes to go along with it. If you meet a Giann irl, be sure to say hi.
Oh my god I never knew Giann was so good at making kites

Yeah you learn something new everyday
by pinecone:O June 1, 2021
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A giann is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet in your life. Giann is not only gorgeous but funny, nice, caring, and very smart. Gianns can be a bit mysterious and quiet, but they open up soon enough and you’ll be super glad you have such a friend. A giann is the best friend you would ever ask for. All the boys drool over a Giann.
Giann is so pretty I wish she was my girlfriend.
by Kwontistic July 8, 2019
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A real nigga who came into peoples life to make a check and finnese. Very friendly and outgoing but mess with something he loved it's ww3 for all you chirren. A legend in the making . Aka Da Goat alongside with Mattmattdadon another legend .
giann- when you see him show some respek
by Narcos.3e April 11, 2017
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Gianne, where to start with her. Shes AMAZING in every way, you will never meet anyone like her in your life. She's one of a kind, if you have a Gianne in your life, don't let her slip away. She's outgoing, smart, caring, loving, humerous, beautiful. She's faithful to her man and she's the really jealous type. Gianne get's pissed off easily though, don't get on her nerves. When she's sad her emotions take over and she cant think right so she tends to make bad decisions sometimes. She will only love one man in her life. When she says " I love you" she means it. Gianne, is very generous, always thinking of others. She has A LOT of people that love her, and that will always be there for her when she needs them. Gianne has big boobs, nice body. Really good in bed. Gianne is one of a kind, unique. She's fun to be around, loves laughing! Shes very energetic. Gianne does not stop until she gets what she wants. A determined girl.
"Dude, thats Gianne. Isn't she one of a kind, amazing, beautiful, DAMN! ;)"
by xxitsmeeexx July 18, 2012
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(n) usually a female with pale white skin which glows under the sun and black hair, known for her kindness and perfect grades; constantly referred to as a 'vampire' for her dainty and almost perfect physical features;

(n) an odd action done by a pretty girl no one can criticize

(adj) unusual but funny

(adj) shy but fun
Duh. Gianne.
by petalwanderer December 14, 2010
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"Giann is very crazy the world would be a better place without her we all need a giann in our lives so we can reflect on how much worse we could have turned out"
Hey look stay away from her she's a Giann.

Can you tell me how bad Giann is doing so I can feel better?
by Fatimamegg November 22, 2021
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The pride of Deutchland, a meme lover, a funny guy and a Thot patrol member

P.s (lako i know u wrote about ur name urself as well)
Sup Giannes feeling like invading the Soviet Union this afternoon??
by Ňĩĝğą-çĥąñ October 31, 2019
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