cock down to his knees, thick af, has 7 and a half girlfriends, got touched by the mighty father murray, irish with massive balls
why is there 7 girls around that boy? He’s definitely a Daniel
by urma1234 October 16, 2019
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daniel is the type of guy who will flake out on you at the last minute and won’t tell you before hand.
Where’s daniel ?
by Drawgonfruit July 01, 2019
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Daniel is the sweetest person you will ever meet, he is really into sports. He is super loveable me but has a bad temper sometimes.
Daniel is so sweet, but I saw him getting angry at a teacher.
by Sadie Richardson November 25, 2018
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A nice,sweet and sexy person. He will treat you amazingly and he loves you forever. He would do anything for you. He has a great sense of style and always wears hoodies. He loves sports and keeps his friends close. He is nice and will buy you a lot of thing. He laughs a lot and he is always happy. If you manage do date a Daniel you won’t be upset. He is mainly attracted to these names. Maria,Selena,Betty,Veronica,Cheryl, and Chloe. He loves being outdoors and loves hunting and fishing
Girl1- Hey aren’t you dating Daniel
Girl2-Yes and I love him
by BigPapi401 October 17, 2018
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daniel, a really smart person, and the person that stares at you, waiting until he could call you “friend.” With a friend named Daniel, you will be the most successful person ever.
Hey, that Daniel named Daniel is really cool. I think he could be friends with me in the future!
by apostrophe November 06, 2020
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Hes gay and we all know it but he wont come out. Please dan we willapcept you. He's tall and likes transgender devil girls who are 4" tall with a big penis
hey daniel youre gay
no im not
by Coaster lover 123 November 13, 2019
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The most handsome guy you'll ever meet he’s very kind,generous,unique,intelligent and very muscular.He is able to get any girl he wants because he acts like him self in front of anybody.He is very likely to become a rapper and values you like anything.
Girl 1:Daniel is so calm and I love his smile I should’ve never ever left him i don’t know what I was thinking
Girl 2:well you loss him to me to bad you should’ve never broken his heart and lie to him.
by dandandan1234 October 14, 2019
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