literally means see me outside so that we can fight
girl1: omg you such a hoe
girl2 : cash me ousside bish
by bishh28 January 29, 2017
a meme that got viral from Danielle Bregoli, from the Dr. Phil show.
"cash me ousside how bow dah"
"catch you outside? What does that mean"
"What I just said!"
by omfggdiana February 19, 2017
Cash me ousside, meaning "catch me outside", is a term meaning to go outside with someone and fight them, rather then doing it inside where they will cause too much commotion.
by June 7, 2017
it means she'll go outside and do what she has to do
girl 1: you a hoe
girl 2: cash me ousside, how bout dah?
by Alldezhoes February 4, 2017
A term used that Is used to start some kind of altercation, whether that be physical or verbal.

You usually tell this to someone you want to fight or argue with outside of the house or any other structure you may find yourselves in.

**Proper pronounciation can be seen on dr.phil**
Tommy: Your such a weak a$$ skateboarding punk.

Billy: Cash me ousside howbow dah
Tommy: Ok let's go fight!

Sarah: Your so stupid looking in those uggs, yoga pants, crop top, and choker.
Hannah: Cash me ousside howbow dah
Sarah: Ok let's go! I just got my stiletto nails sharpened.
by Millionmilehighclub January 23, 2017
A term Normies use when they want to have an altercation outside, usually resulting in a fist fight and/or a "Bitch Boy Slap Fight"™.
* person # 1

You are a Normie CUCK BOI!

* person # 2

Cash me ousside Howbow dah.
by Glanderson Booper February 3, 2017
Used by white girls who think they are black to assert there dominance.
Aint nobody gonna cash me. All these hoes laughin like somethin funny. Cash me ousside howbow dah.
by Cash me ouside how bout dat January 28, 2017