Danely is intelligent, sweet and beautiful young girl who can be trusted. She is such a good friend who always got your back. She might not show it but she loves her friends even when she is mad at them. Danely is a keeper. She loves pets and traveling. She is also really corny in a good way:)
by * you will never know October 6, 2018
Is one of the bestest people you'll every meet so kind and sweet keeps ur secrets very loyal. Very beautiful beyond all odds. One of the most artistic people you'll know, and just tons of fun to be around. If have a Daneli in ur life never let go of her you'll regret you did
Girl 1: hey have you talked to Daneli lately
Girl2 : yea she really helped me through some stuff I'm so happy she is in my life
by ForeverMyboo July 31, 2018
Danelis is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

She is very kind and caring.

Usually short with brown hair, but still very pretty.

Loves all animals and always tries to make her friends happy even when she's down.

She is definitely someone you would want to be your best friend.

Don't ever doubt her, she'll always be there, but make sure to treat her right.

Very sweet and shy at first, but energetic and crazy with her friends.

Even though she's not that popular, she doesn't care because she's popular in her own group.
I wish I was Danelis's friend, she's awesome.
by thewalrusperson June 7, 2013
When a user on a web forum points out to a new poster that the subject they're posting about was already discussed recently.
John1 posts topic from TMZ. Mary2 comes along posts same topic. Tyler1 posts to Mary2 with link to John1's post saying "you got Daned!"
by MastaP939 July 16, 2009
One of the most funnest guys to be around. He is very funny. And really cute. He may seem like the one that doesnt like to talk much, but when he's around his friends, hes hilarious. Dane's always have a nice body, and wont push girls too much. Dane's are just like amazing and awsome!
Girl 1: Hey where were you last night?

Girl 2: With a Dane(:

Girl 1: Really?

Girl 2: Yeah, he's amazing! You have to find a Dane, they're the greatest!
by 2rad4u November 24, 2009
To get extremely drunk, extremely quickly.
Jeez.. What happened last night? Oh.. I got daned.
by BrianIsLivid July 4, 2010
A person who comes from Denmark
"Hi, I live in Denmark, so you can call me a dane"
by abrkhwek April 13, 2009