The cheapest microwave brand available at Wal-Mart, generally owned by students and low income families.
I'm hungry, throw those leftovers in the Danby.
by CH-Juice March 30, 2009
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Half cat half frog
They are usually korean not asian though
Sneezes walks and eats like a cat
Interesting child
That's such a Danbie thing to do
by Jemsu August 15, 2017
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Term for a best guy friend.
Who you love very much and is always there and makes you watch silly t/v programs.
Girl 1: Who was that guy you were with earlier?
Girl 2: That's my Danbi.
by Costa. February 10, 2009
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The smallest of the danbys. A weaksauce microwave sold at Walmart.
Why won't this fit in the lil' danby?! I was told this would fit burritos.
by Hot Dog Holthe September 11, 2010
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A very cute and pretty girl who loves to spend time with friends. It also means silver lining in Korean
Guy1:Do you know that stunning girl sitting next to Yeri?
Guy2: That’s Danbi
by Deuksu kim November 23, 2021
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