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A Nigerian name (can be boy or girl) meaning "child born of wealth". People with this name are creative, loyal, and have beautiful smiles.
"Damola made me a stuffed animal for my birthday. He/she's so nice!"
by Anon09876 November 19, 2015
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Nigerian hustler, baby. Hits and splits it samsonite man.
When a man hits it and goes away forever.
by Unknown February 02, 2005
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A girl who acts like she has a dick but she really doesn't because she is girl.
Damola said I should suck her dick.. But the sad thing is, she doesn't have one.
by Anon7655 March 06, 2013
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Damola can be defined as a well behaved well brought up girl who is exceptionally beautiful awesome at everything she does and she's God fearing and one more thing she really smart
Damola is pretty isn't she? Oh yes she's the best I love to be her friend
by Jnr_G August 20, 2018
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