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Daesha is a very intelligent girl who has big plans for the future. She can be shy but when you get to know her, she can get out of control. This girl does not look to hurt people, but to save at least one life. Never use her; she is very sensitive. Never cheat on her; she can be very dangerous. Instead of trying to hurt her, seek friendship. If you like her, you might as well back the fuck up cause nigga you aint getting nowhere near her. (She has an overprotective father and older brothers.) But that is not the only way to a Daesha's heart. Complement her once in a while and give her some gifts and you'll be good to go!
I really believe Daesha could be the first one to graduate.
by Ms. Genius May 15, 2018
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Someone really cute can dress and is just bomb and hair stay on Fleek and just yes
I wanna marry that girl Daesha she's so cute
by Girlbye1346 March 02, 2015
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A girl who loves her phone and sports, usually black or Mexican with a high sence of humour, has a big butt, very competitive and has a artistic mind.
Dang Daesha' s butt is huge in those pants doe
by Naddia kalou March 06, 2018
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