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Utter and complete domination, physically or mentally.
LeBron James just Dad Dicked the fuck out Stephon Curry.

See, Game 6, 4th qtr with 4:32 remaining of the 2016 NBA finals .
by AdonisM3 June 08, 2018
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That one time you saw your dads dick when you were a little kid like walking in on him in the bathroom and everybody knows that shit was huge
"Dude when I was a kid I walked in on my parents fucking"
"For real"
"Yeah bro that shit was nasty but damn he had that dad dick"
by IMPULS3HAWK June 26, 2019
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1) only after years of intense training amd experience a man has mastered the art of sex.
2) going through 2nd puberty, a man's penis has gained more girth.

Accomplishing both, not just one, will give a man the status of having a "dad dick."
"Girl, the guy who took me home had some dad dick on him."
by MrClydesdale April 08, 2018
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That experienced penis that can only be obtained through countless sessions of the same old with his wife. Ex: I fucked that girl so hard last night I gave her that dad dick.
Hey baby you want that same douche dick or you want to try out that dad dick tonight!!!!
by daddicj October 12, 2013
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Upon witnessing a live vaginal birth of your first child and seeing the mangled mess that is the vagina you’re married to your brain triggers a rush of blood to your dick instantly increasing the size and girth up to 200%. In other words, C-sections have been effectively shrinking Dad Dicks since the late 80s early 90s.
Look at that dudes fat hog. He must be a father.

Dad dicks are just bigger. It’s science
by Commander Shiftain August 28, 2019
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A micro sized penis that is the width of a truck
"holy shit he couldn't even fit in past my butt cheecks."
"was it at least thick?"
by okayhey September 03, 2017
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