A rapper from North Carolina who is famous for his extraordinary ability to transform African-American men into convertible automobiles.
Joe: "Help! DaBaby turned me into a convertible!"
by bambashoosh March 25, 2021
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the baby that will turn you into a convertible
You: Oh shit, it's DaBaby!
DaBaby: I will turn a n*gga into a convertible
by DaBabyFan March 25, 2021
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A very talented rapper that would make anybody feel like they own a pair of black air force ones.
Person 1: What'd you do to that guy who tried to rob you?
Person 2: I layed his ass out like DaBaby would.
by birdup! October 17, 2019
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Mike: Who's your favorite rapper?
John: DaBaby!!!
by TinRelic1 March 23, 2021
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Tons of dababy accounts that comment on tiktok videos.
They always argue about whose the real dababy.
real_dababy: Hey Hey I'm the real dababy
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Noun:A man who can turn into a convertible, and turn other people into one! He is a magic wizard, and his phrase is let’s go! He is so cool! Wow!

Adjective: Shooting a place
Verb: SuS tHiNg
EX.1: DaBaby is cool
EX.2: Imma DaBaby a bank
EX.3: this has no definition at all
by CoopBeast525 July 23, 2021
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