The book wasn't too bad in my opinion, sure there were a lot of problems, but I liked the plot and the conspiracies in it. but then again it's just my opinion if I like it or not. and considering that this site is Urban Dictionary! I can write this if I so wish. now I wait for everyone to start hating on this.
person1: Dude did you read the Da vinci code?
Me: Yes why?
person1: oh it's such a piece of shit!
person2: Yeah it sucked outright!
Me: alright that is your opinion. true there were many flaws. but I just like the plot and conspiracies in it
by Doesnotcareman July 07, 2011
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As I said in the Dan Brown entry, this book was based upon the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, written in 1982. And it pisses me the fuck off every time some idiot sees the movie and thinks they are a fucking Religious Scholar, when they don't even know Dan Brown wasn't the first guy to say that Jesus was married to MM and they had kids, and the decedents walk among us today. Dan Brown is just a shitty fiction writer, whose books read like screenplays for a movie, and to sell more books, he copied someone else's ideas and made it into a fiction book because he's a no talent hack.
I saw The Da Vinci Code in theatres, now I think I'm an expert on Religion, but really, I'm just a moron.
by SmellyBaptist August 22, 2006
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slang term meaning to reveal a hidden or unknown truth, though the term may be used sarcastically, being used when something obvious is stated.

derived from the Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code, where an anti-Christian organization is brought to light.
Bob: The sky is blue.
Dan: You just got da Vinci code'd!
by pilaman! September 21, 2006
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1. Book that resulted in thousands of hectares of cruelly misspent paper. An ecological tragedy.
2. Self-help novel for the theologically impaired.
3. Ego-booster for sufferers of minimal-attention span disorder.
4. Least popular subject of conversation between my wife and myself.
"Guess what?! I just finished the Da Vinci Code and---"
"Don't. Just don't."
by Lord & Lady 80 March 15, 2006
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A book that's fun to read but the quality of the reading is pretty shitty.
Even though I really liked it, that book Pamela Anderson wrote was kind of a Da Vinci Code.
by Cloudwacher August 27, 2006
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A book written by contreversial author Dan Brown. Although it has a good plot this book is not very well written. It is written exactly like a movie, for example, on the back a review says " Wow...Blockbuster perfection". Blockbuster. As in MOVIES! WHy didnt he write a movie script instead of a book? An how the f*** can you fit 105 chapters+epilogue and prologue into a 600 page book!?!? It's just stupid!
person1: i read this book the other day. It sucked!
person2: how much?
person1: well it didnt suck as much as the Da Vinci Code...but it was pretty close
by The Harry August 19, 2006
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Similar to a money shot, but instead of a face, it hits the ceiling. Based on Da-Vinci's works of art on ceilings.
Man last night, me and my girl were at the hotel and i totally rocketed a Da-Vinci Shot!
by TheDVshooter March 11, 2009
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