This term's origin is dating back to when people started to read the Da Vinci Code but it has extended even more to cover anything remotely deep and/or philosophical that someone says they apparently get and they are better than you for that exact reason.
Person A: So I just finished the Da Vinci Code.
Person B: Really? I've heard interesting things about it.
Person A: More than likely things you wouldn't ever be able to remotely fathom, mortal.
Person C: Wow, talk about Da Vinci Syndrome.
by premeditated93 November 16, 2010
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You take a bitch back to your place, then claim you're in to bondage. When you've got that dirty broad tied up good, whip out a copy of Dan Brown's best selling edition of the Da Vinci Code and proceed to read her chapter 12. Once the chapter is completed, roll the book up and shove it up that fat ho's slack ass as if it were Silas'.
Micahel never liked that bitch, but did enjoy Dan BROWN'S dirty Da Vinci Code.
by Abdul555 September 15, 2006
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The da Vinci Crime Family is an all Gay African-American criminal organization also known as Black GayMafia from the slums of Miami, New York, Atlanta Expanding from Brazil to Japan, The da Vinci Crime Family estimated members more than over 200 nation wide alone.
by mobgroupie May 02, 2011
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Someone who over-explains the simplest stuff.
Dave: you know what milk is right?
Philip: what? Yea I know what-
Dave: It’s that stuff that comes out of cows and...
Philip: I just said-
Dave:... You put on your cereal, well it goes in many things really. Like cakes and... other stuff.
Philip: yo. Shut the fuck up. Stop being such a Larry Da Vinci .
by Kibblebip May 24, 2020
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An old mad who likes to eat men
Are you da vinci yup and imma eat your ligaments.
by gabeitch6969 April 22, 2021
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Yup she definitely goes to Da Vinci Academy.

Oh yeah heard it’s amazing !
So true!
by idbdirjejrnr December 29, 2017
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Ejaculate that is deposited in or on a Christian pastor, priest, deacon, saint, usher, choir singer, Bible scholar, Sunday school teacher, bishop, cardinal, pope, nun, or worship leader.
I really shouldn't be fucking my pastor, but I love shooting my Da Vinci Load all over his face.
by Horny4Christ May 23, 2021
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