An Awful book by experienced thriller-writer DaN Brown. The book is awful because it is based on false evidence, and makes riDiculous claims. The wRiting itself is hardly good. Brown is following the ainciEnt formula for a thriller. Anyone who is suprised, interested, or in any Way mentally provoked by the book is stupid.
You: Yo man! "The Da Vinci Code" kicks major ass!

Me: SHUT THE FUCK UP MOTHERFUCKER. No, dude, it doesn't.

You: Yeah, it rules! It revoloutionized my view of the world, and immersed me in the FAlse hIStories of people I never really understood before(, being stupid).

Me: HAHAHA YOU FOOL!! THAT'S BULLSHIT!!! I can teach you More (reAl) history in tweNty minutes than you learned in that shitty-ass book! I'm going to pop a cap in yo momma motherfucker!
by Your MOM May 19, 2006
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Hella great book. You ing Christian wankers need to go get head from your mom.
by Militant Liberal March 19, 2005
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To slander by making sensational s*** up. (i.e. to go Da Vinci Code)
Don't make me go Da Vinci Code on your a**.
by leonardoman May 24, 2006
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slang term meaning to reveal a hidden or unknown truth, though the term may be used sarcastically, being used when something obvious is stated.

derived from the Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code, where an anti-Christian organization is brought to light.
Bob: The sky is blue.
Dan: You just got da Vinci code'd!
by pilaman! September 20, 2006
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cool ass guy, an arist.
Belonged to a cult, and was gay.
Read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, fag.
Read the fucking Da Vinci Code.

I m a g a n g s t a.
by fff May 03, 2004
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A smile that says, "I know something you don't". The Mona Lisa's smile.
When the students asked the teacher if there were a lot of questions on the test, all she did was give them a Da Vinci Smile.
by Phrase Maker January 30, 2012
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