A 2003 novel written by Dan Brown. The controversies regarding the plot (Jesus Christ being married, Holy Grail being a woman, etc.) still ensue today. The movie version was released on May 19th, 2006. It is directed by Ron Howard.

Many people say that they will boycott any theatre that shows The Da Vinci Code. Why? Because they say it's not real. OF COURSE IT'S NOT REAL. THAT'S WHY IT'S IN THE FREAKING FICTION SECTION OF THE FREAKING LIBRARY. Imbeciles.
by Thrashmeister May 16, 2006
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Someone that is multi talented, and has the ability to perform many unique skills. Perhaps also could be problematic because some of these multi talented people could have a hard time choosing or sticking to a career in todays society. If it comes from a grounded and disciplined person, these multi talented people can come up with an original self created place in society.
Da Vinci Complex

1- A multi instrumentalist who can also run marathons.
2- An artist, who paints, draws, sculpts, speaks several languages, races sail boats, and perhaps can balance himself upside down on his head.
3- Leonardo Da Vinci
by Mano Kuerten September 29, 2014
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A sleep schedule characterized by a series of short, intermittent naps. (as opposed to one long 8 hour sleep). Usually if one is working hard or has no time for conventional sleep, one will go on Da Vinci Sleep.

Etymology: Derived from the supposed way Leonardo Da Vinci slept.
Bob: Man, you look like hell. What's up?

Steve: It's totally crazy around here, you know, midterms and taking care of my sister's diabetic cat... I've been on Da Vinci Sleep here.
by Pepsi X-Treme August 8, 2005
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A fiction novel by Dan Brown. Altought entertaining to read, it is often mistaken by uninformed wankers as factual non-fiction. Like almost all novels, it is completely based on bullshit.
Da Vinci code is a novel, not a text-book u fool!
by div0 April 11, 2005
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Da Vinci Load is actually a porno parody thats more entertaining the Da Vinci code novel or the movie combined. I jacked off 3 times while watching it
Matt: So how do you like the Da Vinci Load??

James: fap fap fap.....
by the_masturbator July 16, 2010
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Even though it is an extremly good work of fiction most of the history isn't true. The supposed history of the Priory of Sion is more or less a hoax; most historians willl tell you that there is little evidence it was even a thousand years old.
still a good book
After I had finished reading "The Da Vinci Code" and felt smart knowing everthing dan brown wrote, i went to wikipedia to learn more about the priory of sion; turns out it was just a little supported theory.
by sully August 27, 2004
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The book that suddenly makes everyone an expert on religion. A realization must be made that the Da Vinci Code is based on things we possibly know, but aren't sure, but quite probably could be true but not really.
Apparently by reading the Da Vinci Code in 2 weeks or so, I know more than historians who have been studying religion for years.
by Wingman, 1st Degree June 4, 2006
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