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Short form of the abbreviation, or pronounciation of DWAI. Mainly used to troll people.
"What did you do last night"
"DY, whats that mean?"
"Dont Worry About It"
"No I Wanna Know"
"Srsly Dont Worry About It"
by Phatalic July 22, 2009
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A complete disaster, usually referrs to the point when an already awkward social situation irrevocably takes a turn for the worse as a result of bad planning or unforseen events.

Often used with great hyperbole.
Robert: Dude, thought I forgot my pen, but I found it in my pocket
James: That was close, coulda been a complete DY, man
by ilovedairy May 27, 2009
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In parentheses, as a single paragraph at the end of a written doofer, translates roughly as "I've just said something shallow and maybe witty".
Me me me I'm really funny me. And mad, yeah.


by Foul Ole Ron October 28, 2003
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At Lunch...
Tommy: how's it going man!? whatcha eating?
Bill: dude this Burger King Whopper is DY!
Tommy: NICE!
by BurgerKingLover August 29, 2009
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Do yourself.
A version of Do It Yourself (DIY)
by UrbanUser. March 13, 2018
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