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Apparently, there's been some people who've been doing what they label as 'trolling'. However, it is so substandard that I have unofficially coined a new term for pitiful exhibitions of trolling.

The word describing these terms will be: 'Trolliot'. A trolliot is a portmanteau of the word 'Troll' and 'Idiot'. It is used to describe one who exhibits incompetence in the art of trolling.

The noun form of 'Trolliot' is 'Trolliotry', which is used to describe works that derived from a trolliot.
Guy 1: Hey, check out this post. The photoshop is so obvious.

Guy 2: What a trolliot.

Admin: Removed it for violating our 'zero-tolerance for trolliotry' rule.
by ArchaicScholar November 29, 2011
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An extremely large does of Tylenol. When this does of Tylenol is consumed, it can cause the person who consumed it to start seeing things as a side-effect of short term brain damage. Take note that taking a larger dose of which Rainbow Tylenol imposes can lead to kidney damage. Morbid Rainbow Tylenol occurs when a dose of Tylenol taken is so large that it causes life-threatening effects.
Junkie 1: Man, I totally ran out of weed, man.
Junkie 2: That's fine, you can use Rainbow Tylenol as an alternative.
Junkie 1: Didn't Kathy die from Morbid Rainbow Tylenol?
Junkie 2: There's only a 78% death rate from Morbid Rainbow Tylenol...
by ArchaicScholar December 30, 2011
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DWI is an acronym for 'Deal With It'. Primarily for use within text-based online chatting.
Student: I finished the homework!

Teacher: We're not accepting homework anymore. You're 10 minutes late.

Student: But I worked so hard on it! >:(

Teacher: DWI.
by ArchaicScholar November 17, 2011
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Jake often had ejac attacks as a result of extended homosexual thoughts.
by ArchaicScholar January 7, 2012
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