The thing you say before you go on a holy crusade to kill demons and the entire Vivzieverse
Person: Watches a female Twitch streamer

Doomguy: boobs are temporary, DOOM is Eternal
by The_DaffyOne February 11, 2021
You're a doom fan who's hyped as shit for this kick ass game which will Fuck you up if you play on any difficulty over medium
"Bro what's that new game coming out where you kill demons and shit while a badass soundtrack blasts into your ears?"
"Oh that's DOOM ETERNAL"
by john bragsssdhdasjjda December 8, 2019
A game for litterally fucking chads where u fuck demons up
"ahh yes the gunshots, its music to my ears" doom eternal is good
by MY FUCKING ASS HURTS November 3, 2020
One of the best shooter games ever and a good game in general, the glory kill system provides for combat unlike most other games where instead of staying behind of enemies you are rewarded for going in and going straight for demons also cacademons are much easier due to them being put in a glory kill state when a bomb is fired into their mouth.
Doom Eternal is a good game
by Idk what to put here l0l February 1, 2021
God tier game that is guaranteed to increase the testosterone levels of any man that plays it. Even incels will be transformed into chads after the first few levels.
Doom Eternal is probably one of, if not the best FPS in years.
by Ramsy Norris May 10, 2021
One of the best games of history
Doom eternal is so good
by Hehrhth February 26, 2022