Ancient Bengali word for one who abandons the fellow members of there tribe to tune\weasel his fucking arse off, doesn’t sink piss with the boys, a fucking poorarse. He who doggeth the boys. He will be judged by the Phantom once every year
"Sink some Piss you fucking shit DLO cunt"
by P-D DOG June 19, 2004
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Emergency medical services slang for "dead later on".

c.f., DRT
"Dude, that was one mega-wreck! We had one DRT, and the other three were DLO after the Doc got finished with 'em!"
by Graybeard October 1, 2006
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A company that makes iPod cases that totally and completely scratch up your iPod. These should never be purchased by anyone!!!
I bought this DLO case at Best Buy and it fucking scratched my iPod those fucking cunts should burn in hell.
by EmyAnn April 8, 2006
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Dlo is slang used by market workers to say something is "old" Dlo is the word old spelt bacwards and is pronounced de-low
Simon: this food is really dlo mate
Steve: Flog it then - dont talk to me about dlo stuff when im checking out the customers!
by CA ILUA January 11, 2008
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hey bro I have herpes but keep the info on the DLo k?
by DLoDo May 13, 2011
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some one who sucks at a game, such as MU online
by Anonymous November 3, 2003
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Old splet backwards; pronounced deelow. Used in cafes, restaurants and fish and chip shops when referring to stale, poor quality or old fish. The word is used in secrecy to the customer, as a code to instruct the serving of poor quality fish.
A: That customer's always rude to me.
B: That's okay, just give dlo fish from now on.
by Simon Griffin October 9, 2008
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