"deutsch lesbo haircut" a short haricut that tapers from short in the back to long in the front. you will know one when you see one because it will make you think of a German lesbian.
Dude, check that mad dlh over there (puke)
by schmuckey MCduckey December 02, 2004
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dirty little hooker. someone who acts in a slutty manner and is dirty.
Woah, she is being a DLH today!!!
by hml is a bamf February 08, 2010
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Deutch Lesbo Haircut
a midlength haircut that slants down from the back of the head to the front.
"dude, check that mad DLH over there"
by dave January 20, 2004
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Short for Dry Lifeless Hull.

Someone who is boring with a dry sense of humor. They are often quiet and/or business-like. It is difficult to make them laugh with a joke of good humor, but on the rare occasion they do laugh, it is over something not that funny.

The "Lifeless Hull" portion comes from the fact they have very little personality, and almost seem empty inside, much like a hull.
Ben: "Ive known Luke for three years, and he never laughs at anything. He's such a DLH."

Shelly: "Yeah, I know. I'm beginning to question if he has a soul."
by Notyourcakeface May 18, 2013
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