The science or art of ragging(partying) really really hard. It is also something that stays with you forever, once a dirber always a dirber. Can be used in any form of english to fit the sentence
"We dirbed it so hard last night"
"I just want to dirb"
"Dirb life"
"Dirbing it"
"Fuck it, I just want to dirb the rest of my life"
"Dirb or die"
"Dirb or die"
by Dirbin community July 10, 2008
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A way of shortening the term, "Doin' It Real Big" and using it as a title of: One who's Doing it Real Big
"I brought her roses, AND flowers."
"oh, man, you're doing it real big"
"I'm a dirb!"
by anniewhattttttt June 07, 2009
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a scrounge or scumbag, one who acts like a scrounge, can be used as and adjective as dirbish.
Look at those kids eating dog shit. What a bunch of dirbs.
by Timmmm Pusssy November 08, 2007
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