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A bomb form of marijuana that has a lemon taste. Very strong cannabis and was actually a 2008 Cannabis Cup winner.
Man i had some Lemon Haze the other day and i was high all day.
by Ca.Ri November 22, 2009

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A contagious disease, caused by a fungus that thrives on moist surfaces that forms on your feet mostly by sweat.
I worked hard yesterday at the gym and I was sweating like a beast. I started scratching my feet and i suddenly got athletes foot.
by Ca.Ri November 12, 2009

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A change in form from one stage to the next in the life of an organism. As from a caterpillar to a pupa, and from a pupa to a butterfly.
The butterfly went through it's metamorphosis.
by Ca.Ri November 02, 2009

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A marijuana strain with a lovely lemony smell. A very rare marijuana that will get you high off one rip.
Man that Aussie Blue was a one hitter quiter.
by Ca.Ri October 31, 2009

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Term usually used in skateboarding and means very clean and stylish.
He kickflipped down a 10 stair.... Steeze-Boss.
by Ca.Ri November 12, 2009

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When stupid, annoying ass bros use this term. It means Don't Give a Fuck and they think they are cool by saying it.
Dude the annoying ass bro puts DGAF all over his page thinking hes fucking cool.
by Ca.Ri November 12, 2009

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