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acronym - dumb fucking user
I dreaded visiting the F corridor, as it is a haven for DFUs
by ali December 30, 2003
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Device Firmware Update, AKA Device Fucked Up. You may need to put your iPhone in DFU mode to downgrade your firmware.
Jay: DFU mode doesn't show the USB->iTunes icon, you fucking moron.
Silent Bob: ...
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Deeply Fucked Up Shit. Pronounced "Dee Fuss." Used to describe something that is so messed up or inappropriate that it defies logical understanding. Often used as a warning stronger than NSFW.
I finally saw goatse, seriously DFUS.
by Ratoncito Perez July 27, 2009
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DFUโ€” Donโ€™t Fuck Up
Karl: Everyone just make sure you prepare enough to talk for your part of the presentation.
Max: I am just going to wing this presentation.

Karl: DFU.
by Garett Grey November 29, 2017
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From "Fair Game" (2010):


Valerie walks with MIKE and BILL, their chief.


Val, seventh floor have issued a

directive for a Joint Task Force on

Iraq. We want you to head it up.

Valerie doesn't blink.


Yes Sir.


You can pick your team. This is top

priority. Down the line D.F.U.


What about the Dubai op?


Mike says you got a hunch on the



Manucher Vaziri. Syrian National.

Based out of Karachi. On a wire

picked up in Cairo he talks about

componentry from a known source in

Pakistan he's moving to an unnamed

Gulf state..




Vaziri's devoutly Shia. Iraq's

controlled by the Sunni. Saddam's

Sunni. There's no way this is Iraq.


They're all good Muslims right?


And Martin Luther King and the KKK

are both Christian.


Great job. From Monday, I need you

both eyes on Iraq.


At the door, they shake hands. Mike and Valerie walk off.




Don't fuck up.
by outadabronx May 06, 2011
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acronym for:

Done Fucked Up

Add an ed to DFU when using it in the past tense form.
I got my girlfriend pregnant.
Dude, you DFUed
by Uber_Leoj July 21, 2004
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DFU, in the film industry, is known as 'Digital Fuck Up'. This occurs mostly in digital tapes, like MiniDV or DVCam tapes, when it begins to wear out or has been recorded and overwritten too many times over and over again. It can also occur if a camera's internal parts are damaged, or just need to be cleaned.

DFU looks like a bunch of pixilated colored blocks in different types of random sequences and sizes across the image. There are no real ways of fixing the actual DFU, but there are ways of preventing it; use tape cleaners, don't over-write already used tapes, and keep your camera and tapes in good, safe storage.

DFU has also been known to happen on video that has been recorded straight to a file on a hard drive or recordable disk. I've had first hand experience with it, and still can't seem to find out how it happened, or even how to fix it. It seems to be the same digital colored blocks though.

If anybody would like to add to this or has any suggestions, fire me an e-mail:
We got the video yesterday and it was covered with DFU.
by Good Times Pro. January 11, 2011
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