A word we like to use in the Lou (that STL)

Wads good Deerty
Wad up Derrty
Wads Poppin Derrty
by JC January 13, 2004
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Nickname for STL or St. Louis, MO; also known as the Lou or St. Louie
Allie: Are you going to the casino in the derrty derrty this weekend?

Greg: Oh hell yeah I'll be there!!
by AlBert October 5, 2013
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A slang term originated in St.louis in the early 90's. Meaning a person not just your friend derrty can also be your enemy.
Hey yo!!! Derrty betta quit trippin before derrty get his ass beat.

Hey yo!!! What up derrty, what's good wit u?
by Lil Mike March 1, 2004
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Jus another word to define your boy
Whats the deal derrty...or there go my main derrty Kiley
by Malcolm Redfield August 21, 2003
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Meanin ur mo, ur friend, ur boy/gurl.
Da playa u grew up wid.
Yo derrty, was goin on?
Wherre da rest of da mo'z @ derrty?
by Katey Vince (Hype MC) November 28, 2003
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a word Nelly likes to use, meaning friend/buddy/pal.
sup derrty, wassup in tha hood?
by teh definitioner August 14, 2003
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a name given to a guy of ancestry from the devlin family this guy is a tru playa. he gets all the ass he could ever want and can get any girl. known for his reputation of gettin "derrty" with several girls at a time. rele a pimp
derrty devlin is the biggest pimp ever.
by joe devlin January 12, 2005
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