The best game in the world.

also see Dance Dance Revolution
Whoa! Those people are teh shiznit on the DDR machine over there! OH!
by Emz October 19, 2004
Dance Dance Revolution

The only decent game at the Arcade, because you can buy everyother game for your console, YES YES I now there is a home version but it isn't as good as Arcade
Watch me bust a move and at the same time bust my ass.
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
the best fucking arcade game ever.
Most people who play ddr are already skiny although the game wasn't invented for them. Most also are not preps. It is a game where you have to move your feet and sometimes hands on the arrows while music plays.
tim: so what do you want to do.
tom: DDR!
by FrozenIce July 13, 2005
DDR Dance Dance Revolution was invented for three reasons: so that Asian kids could show off their mad footwork, so that white kids could make fools of themselves, and so that black kids could stand around and laugh because they don't need DDR to help them dance.
by La-La-Laurakins March 18, 2006
A dancing coordination game that is based on Japanese music. There are four stationary arrows and when a moving arrow comes on the screen and lines up with the stationary ones, you step on that part of the pad. This game is found in many arcades and is a good way to burn some unwated fat...i guess.
There is a chubby old man on the DDr machine; please remove him.
by WOOT! July 14, 2003