Person 1: I'm going to shove my D, right in your M
Person 2: Sweet, D in the M...Alrighttttt.
by KiingNadaa January 3, 2009
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I-D-P-L-M-A-L is a memory device to remember the order in which musical modes follow each other. A common way to remember this order is to remember the phrase "I Dig Phat Ladies - Mostly All Lesbian" which will help you to order the modes in the correct manner:

"Shit, dude! What mode comes after phrygian?"
"Just remember I-D-P-L-M-A-L! I... Dig... Phat... Ladies..."
"Lydian! It's lydian! Fuck, you are a pro!"
"Your cursing is beginning to sound like a locrian triad to me."
"The tritone."
"Why are you even in this class?"
by Billybobilly December 10, 2007
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A DIRTY OLD MAN who perves/touches/looks for younger wemon, a pedo etc.
i saw your dad havin' a perve on your little sisters friends the other day, he is a D O M
by Horse September 24, 2005
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An emotional conversation usually (but not always) of a melancholy nature. Also known as Deep & Meaningful
Peter and I had a D&M about his troublesome relationship.
by 'K' July 22, 2004
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I never knew what this meant until now so i thought I'd help someone who didn't know what it meant either :) lmfao I'm dumb sorry
"Like for 21 questions"
like and I'll inbox you this lmao

D/p/m: ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Rate 1-100:

We should:



You are:
Do I hate you?

Do I like you?
Do I trust you?

Do i love you?
Did you ever make me mad?
Did you ever make me smile?
Did I ever had a crush on you?
Would I ever date you?

Would I kiss you?

Would I chill with you?
by March 9, 2017
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Sorry buddy, having a D & M with the girlfriend... catch ya later
by Zita December 1, 2004
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