P.J.: Yo Bergman, what are your plans tonight?
Bergman: To get D as F after writing my exam. You?
by P.J. Hutch March 22, 2008
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A short form word used to describe someone you feel is dumb as fuck.
Boy did you see what Klaus did last night he's D as f!

Or sunny came to work drunk again he's D as f!
by Hom2436 January 17, 2018
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D Triple F (Noun)- D Triple F is short for Dick Fuck Fat Face, this word is used to describe someone that is an extraordinarily large douche bag that is preferably of large proportion.
1. Damn it... Zac is such a D Triple F.
2. Fuck you, D Triple F!
by Chuck a.k.a. Guppy April 11, 2009
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When someone does a combination of a T-bag and a Brown Nose. When someone drags their balls across someones face, then the face goes across the guch, and onto the ass.
Term also known as DFF. Stands for Dirty Face Fuck. The last word of the acronym can be replace with Fucker, or Fucked. The acronym is not used among your friends. You only use the acronym form while talking around someone you dont want to hear or understand what your talking about, such as a teacher or parent
Usually this is preformed on someone who is sleeping, as an act of humiliating and making them feel extremely violated and dead inside, for they were just used as a piece of toilet paper.
After the person gets their face fucked; they feel dirty, or like a whore with 6 STD's. They will also smell like the Dirty Face Fuckers ass, and like the DFF took a shit on them.
"Hey Nick, you just got dirty face fucked."
"Jared, your a dirty face fucker."
"Hey guys, should I pull a dirty face fuck on him?"
"Awe, you just got D double F'd."
by Big Blue Bear June 6, 2009
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(verb) 1. Somone who DGAF's so much they do not even use the full term. 2. It is the most extreme form of indifference one can express about a certain person, place, event, or situation.
Guy1:"Bro did you know that our womens gymnastics is taking on China for the gold medal tonight?!"

Guy2"Bro did you know I D-F about gymnastics?"
by CBBolts August 13, 2008
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