4 definitions by Katsudo

A mysterious lichen that grows from the base up along the length of some rather unwashed male cocks. It is thought to be caused due to repeated contact between the penis and couch cushions, or possibly contact with the vagina of a femenazi.
Joey: *fucks couch*
Dema: Hi joey!
Joey: *fucks dema*
Dema: What is that delicious-looking lichen growing on your cock?
by Katsudo July 01, 2003
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A process whereby one viciously reams his cock or bottle of coke anally into another person's anal ass. See Omniverse.
Wow, he sure got ass reamed anally in the anal ass... anally!
by Katsudo July 01, 2003
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A specialized version of blort. Used when something implodes and makes a blorting sound accompanied by the crunching of an innocent's bones.
Bob: hey, look at this neat site they put up at tubgirl.com.
Other guy: *CRUNCHBLORT*
by Katsudo June 29, 2003
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