You cymbaled his ass good
by Discord December 13, 2004
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To interrupt a peaceful moment, just like a pair of cymbals clashed together would do.
John cymbalized when he walked in on Rob and Julie kissing.
by geniusonwheels February 3, 2009
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CymBalls (plural) are a homemade alternative to felt washers and wing nuts on a drum kit. Basically a rubber ball with a hole drilled through it.
The drummer switched from felts to CymBalls, now his cymbals sound different.
by drumb and drumber January 9, 2012
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1.A gold & rounded drum usually played by a fuckin monkey in an Irish band, or by a cold ass drum player,in a marching or jazz band. Especially in da N.O. u know!

2. A drum that can be played by an individual standing up or on a drum set.This instrument is the one that makes the choke sound chhhhhhhh tssepp.
Man tha Mac,Easton,& St. Aug got tha coldest d-section in the city. They cymbals cold
by Marcelo Mejia December 29, 2009
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Misunderstood by the general public as the lesser of the drumline, they are visually the coolest damn section in a band/Drum corps. Contrary to medieval folklore, the cymbal section does not use their badassery in the form of visual mindfuck to hypnotize the viewer, in fact they are all pretty fucking chill.
Dayum son, check out Rhythm X's cymbal line! How do they even do that?
by KoleB95 December 21, 2014
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The Most BADASS people in marching band. Always Better and cooler than everyone else
by kjsfkjasf September 22, 2007
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wow, that cymbal line has pretty rad visuals!
by lovalwys September 2, 2007
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