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A girl who doesn't believe she is pretty, but is drop dead gorgeous. Usually tall and extremely smart.
Man, that Cyla girl, she's gorgeousssssss.
by gforceee April 03, 2011
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A cyla is a girl who does not believe that she is pretty but is actually drop dead gorgeous. She mostly is irish and has brown or orange-ish-wheat colored hair. she is very intelligent and can sing like an angel and is quite the artist. she is full of creativity and excitement. she is so kind and easy to talk to. she has a great personality.
“Wow that girl Cyla is so pretty i wish i was her.”
by cl14 May 19, 2018
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a sexy male with a big dick that every girl instantly falls in love with although most cylas's look like monkeys. most cylas's have abbs and are supper athletic.
how he's a real cylas.
by sdagdsfbvfewvdgvwre October 21, 2017
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