A daily web comic found on the website explosm.com. The comic writers are 4 comic artists named Rob, Kris, Dave, and Matt. Each artist has his own sense of humor; like Rob and Dave's comics having a genuine sense of humor, while Matt's tend to focus around AIDS and sex, and Kris's comics are usually about someone dying or missing limbs. The web comic also has a dozen or so animated shorts.
guy 1: Man, Cyanide and Happiness is a great web comic!
guy 2: Hey, I've never heard of it.
guy 1: You should check it out sometime. It's really funny.
guy 2: Ok I will.
by dtrix May 10, 2010
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"Do you like the comic Cyanide and Happiness?"
"Yeah, it's pretty funny, sorta sexual, a little depressing."
"Like urban dictionary?"
"Pretty much the embodiment of urban dictionary"
by Cheesy and dangerous. June 4, 2015
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Unlike the dumbass who just made an opinion above me. Its a web comic with hilarious jokes. Some people don't like it, some people do. You can find the series in www.explosm.net
Guy 1: Cyanide and happiness is so awesome!!!
Guy 2: It sucks dicks.
by Bicko August 18, 2007
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A very lame web-comic. It is poorly written, and is often criticized by people who actually read and enjoy good comic strips.
Cyanide and Happiness is laame, man.
by cool guy with doggy May 13, 2009
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the greatest, funniest wecomic around, created by god herself and handed down to the explosm crew, if you havent seen it yet, then your a failure at life and need to adress the problem immediately, also get laid you fat ugly bastard.
one time i read cyanide and happiness and pissed myself laughing so hard. then i ate some cheese wizz, that shit is the mad note.
by wewillrockyou July 28, 2006
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A daily (some exceptions exist)webcomic hosted by Explosm.net. It focuses on dark humor including parodies, diseases, rape etc. It is disliked by many for its contents while certain people do enjoy it. There are also flash animations on Explosm.net.
Guy 1: Hey, have you ever heard of Cyanide and Happiness? That stuff is so hilarious!
Guy 2: Oh my god! how can you call that funny!? Those comic writers deserve to be put in jail!
by IceCAPPED April 23, 2008
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Usually said simply as Cyanide and Happiness, and sometimes misspelled "Cynaide and Happiness", a webcomic hosted at explosm.net. Recurring themes involve necrophilia, rape, illness (Cancer, AIDS), pedophilia, and poking fun and Christianity's Jesus of Nazareth (All in good fun, of course). Recurring "characters" include "LOL Fag!" man, Punchline Spoiler man, et cetra. The series (with updates every day, on most occasions) is most prominent for its black comedy.
Cyanide & Happiness happens to be the only webcomic I really find amusing; opinions vary, of course.
by Epith July 2, 2009
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