This version of "Hall Pass" does not refer to being a student and school days gone-by. In this version it refers to the permission given to go out with the guys (instead of fulfilling either girlfriend or wife duties / obligations / quality time / etc). The Hall Pass can come in half-day, full-day or even hourly increments. It is something to be prized, cherished and used judiciously for it is not an easy thing to obtain. It can only be obtained by verbal (or written) consent from said girlfriend or wife.
Mike E. Me told the guys he had gotten a hall pass for the opening Friday in March for the NCAA tourney. He was quite happy cause he had been planning this for sometime and his wife finally approved and granted him the pass (a full day one to boot!)

Craig called up the gang and sadly informed them that he would not be joining them at the race-track this coming Saturday. He couldn't get the hall pass, not even for a few hours.
by Bobby "Kuch" Kucheravy February 22, 2008
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A week off from marriage to do whatever you want without consequences.
Guy 1:
I am headed off to Vegas for a week of unbridled debauchery and serious shananigans.

Guy 2:
What? Did you get a Hall Pass from your wife?

Guy 1:
Yes, actually I did.

Guy 2:
by MTF February 25, 2011
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An exemption given by your lover/partner to engage in fooling around activities with a famous person, if you ever were to meet them.

Hall passes have to be previously agreed on, otherwise that is just cheating.
Partner 1: I’m going to Justin Timberlake concert tonight, if I meet him - I’ll take the opportunity, if you know what I mean?
Partner 2: oh yeah, I forgot Justin is your hall pass. No worries. I’m off to the Lady Gaga concert anyway - but I won’t try anything because Susan Boyle is my hall pass.
by hallp14 December 30, 2021
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A man is allowed a week off from marriage where he can do what he wants. The permission for a hall pass can only be given by his wife.
"Larry, I've had enough of your bullshit. You can have a hall pass to fix our marriage."
by I'll give it a whirl August 23, 2016
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Where your partner gives you a vacation in the relationship to sleep, flirt or have sex with anyone you can in a specific time period.
Guy 1: She gave me a Hall Pass last night for an entire week.
Guy 2: Hall Pass?
Guy 1: Yeah. I can sleep with anyone I want to for entire week.
by Tommy Bunz 69 December 5, 2021
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A certain amount of time that is given to the male in a relationship by the female to do whatever he wants with friends of him without consequences (including sex, drinking, etc.).
Male: "Can I have a hall pass this weekend, Babe?"

Female: "Sure, but don't get in too much trouble."
by Prehab May 4, 2014
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When all was said and done, though their husbands might have looked around at females, the one person that actually cheated of the four main characters in Hall Pass was Grace. Everyone else held their marriage vows sacred to some degree, since looking, thinking, or talking about sex isn't the same thing as toying around with love.
Grace was the one character in Hall Pass heartless enough to actually cheat, because their was no balance of power in her relationship with Fred, she had all the power of two people. Though Grace would be the kind of person to try and expose the double standards of others, she lived by a different set of standards than the ones she expected of her husband, and couldn't see her own for what they were. Why would any guy want to be married to somebody like that? Since some of them do think with a head other than the one on their dick, despite some females not really wanting to allow them to resist thinking with a head that is easier to control on a guy.
by The Original Agahnim September 23, 2021
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