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In the Bahamas, Cutta is used to label any side-woman or sweetheart a Bahamian man may have. Cuttas are used for one thing, casual sex, which is called cuttin. There is no love involved, eye contact is strictly prohibited and afterwords the cutta must find her way home.
Cuttas may be obtained by setting a trap, using a thigh snack from the popular Bahamian restaurant, Bamboo Shack & a $5 phone card.
Optional ways to drive a cutta is to be in possession of a honda or maxima.
Guy 1: Yeah bey, i just come from dealin with a cutta.

Guy 2: For real? who, takisha? You give her a thigh snack again ehh?

Guy 1: Yeah jedd, that was a $5.50 well spent, if you catch my drift!
by ElmoL December 03, 2011
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a synonym for casual sex; getting "some cutta" means getting some pussy
"We was two songs away from getting some cutta. Now we one song away from tearing da club up" -Ludacris, "Stand Up"
by Celeste February 26, 2004
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