Someone who goes through 3 steps to get butt hurt
by Requis the Demi god June 25, 2016
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A phrase originated from the movie Soul when the mc straight up roast a boy and the boi goes: "you cut deep joe" Basically an extra sarcastic way of saying no shit/literaly everyone knows and no one cares. Something you say when someone offend you but fail miserably because it applies to a large amount of people of is well known.
offended gay guy to well know lesbian: well at least i dont eat pussy for a living!

well known lesbian: *stares* you cut deep joe.
by im u fucking sadist17 January 14, 2021
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Hurt my feelings, Taking the insult (or comment to heart)
Man: Yo man you stink

Friend: Dude that cut me deep
by Carlos Fernandez August 2, 2008
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To cut someone deep you scar them in an emotional way.

Or to be cut deep someone must first insult you.
Mel: Damn bitch yo nose is huge!
Chloe: Naah man this bitch just cut me deep
by HerbMel April 12, 2009
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cutting too deep is the action of cutting so deep that you cut the baby, and so you end up with a cut baby which you will lose immediately. this is very devastating and is a sin, you should never cut too deep. if you cut too deep then you'll cut the baby however comma if you don't cut deep enough you'll lose the baby.
Carl: Maggie don't you dare cut too deep, or we'll cut Judith.
Maggie: I would never cut too deep, what a sin.
Carl: I'm just saying if you cut too deep then you'll cut the baby, and so we'll end up cutting Judith.
Cutting too deep is the action of cutting so deep that you cut the baby.
by Sheriff Woody Elliot April 6, 2017
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A song by an artist that only true fans of said artist will enjoy/know. True gems that are found later in an album, a b-side. Rarely if ever played on the radio.
Me: Do you like the cd Robbin' the Hood by Sublime?

Person: Haven't even heard of it..

Me: Well its just a bunch of deep cuts, but it's some good stuff.
by mc-burn it August 1, 2008
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Typically refers to a more obscure or less accessible song in an artist's portfolio, one that only dedicated fans are aware of.

Also increasingly used to refer to any obscure or less accessible artwork, opinion, trivia, etc.
"Bryan Cranston used to eat McDonald's every day on the set of Breaking Bad." "That's a deep cut, man. Where'd you learn that?"
by machinewater July 26, 2017
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