asexual people who don’t experience sexual attraction but still have the desire to engage in sexual behavior or a sexual relationship.
by XwXwX February 20, 2021
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A word for people who want attention. It’s when you want to have a sexual relationship but you are also asexual (not desiring sex) so you want sex but also don’t
Hey I’m actually super woke I’m cupiosexual so yeah.
by Yeahyeahno May 3, 2019
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An extention of the asexual spectrum in which one desires a sexual relationship, but feels no sexual attraction towards anyone.

this term was coined by Tumblr user acelyssie
Olivia: I describe myself as cupiosexual
by trikcst3r June 27, 2014
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People who want sexual relationship but they dont feel romantic attraction towards others and they don't want romantic relationship.
someone: Im cupiosexual and I don't wanna be in any romantic relationship, only sex, sorry bro.
by ijustpro3 July 6, 2020
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