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slutty girls who take naked pictures of themselves.
Ben: Rachel cheated on me and then sent a naked picture of herself to Greg.
Sarah: Are you serious? What a CUPI!
by LG GIRLS<3 April 29, 2007
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Bitchy high school girls that parts their hair really far over to one side. They suck a lot of cock and makes fun of younger girls. Girls that need to get a life.
(your hair is parted really far): YOUR PULLING A CUPI!

Wow, that girl sucked so much cock tonight: Why would she ever want to pull a Cupi?
by guessssssssssssssssss August 28, 2006
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a complete bitch & a girl that parts her hair too far to one-side
Georgina: uh...(wow.. she looks so dumb her hair is parted so far).. you are such a CUPI!
by LG GIRLS! May 26, 2007
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