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The ultimate derogatory term for a profoundly selfish and ignorant person (usually male). This word is reserved only for most acutely abhorrent people. Etymologically derived from "toxic cunt".
I lent the guy my phone to dial 911 and I never saw the cuntox again.
by Dan Fox June 11, 2003
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The largest form of cunt available.

The literal oxen of cunt (shortened to cuntox).
man, fred is a cunt.. infact he is past the stage of being a cunt he has now reached cuntox status
by Andypandy April 10, 2006
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A hideous half-man half-beast that is best known for his ill manner and obnoxious attitude.
George has not only eaten my lunch from the work fridge, but has also attempted to sleep with my girlfriend. These are the actions of a cunt-ox.
by Ben Duncan January 23, 2006
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A totally stubborn object,or person.
"OWW! You cunt ox!!!" Jimmy screamed, as the bottle of pickles refused to open up ......for the third time".

"I cant find my keys!.If I'm late for work again this week that cunt ox boss of mine will sack me for sure".
by Haylee K January 23, 2009
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(Aussie slang)any person being a completely stuborn, obnoxious cunt on the issue that will not let you speak your side of the story, hence the suffix word Ox to indicate the stubbourness of the person.
Don was being a real cunt-ox today because he didnt want to hear my side of the story.

When Alscia is in one of her shitty moods she becomes a down right cunt-ox to deal with.
by cartoonartist January 16, 2009
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The mightiest of cunts! When someone is a cunt of extraordinary magnitude, likened to the size of an Ox (drafting bovine)
Jimmy is such a major cunt, he is a Cuntox !
by Yaroond Mahmoud September 10, 2016
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