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Measurment scale for the level of Cuntishness a person is able inflict on others.

To confuse matters, any level <1.9 is catagorized in the Arsehole catagory at Level 4 or above

Example ranges are provided below

0.1 - 1.9 Arsehole Level 4 - 6
1.9 - 2.2 Average
2.2 - 3.4 Politician Level 2
3.4 - 4.2 ASBO / Young Offender
4.3 - 5.3 Politician Level 3 & 4

5.4 - 6.5 Politician Level 5
6.6 - 7.8 Serial Killer
7.8 - 9.4 Politician Level 6
9.4 - 10.1 Total Cunt
10.2 - 99.9 Sarah Palin
''that dude is a bit of a cunt, at least 3.2 I'd say''
''what the fuck are you talking about?''
''Cuntitude, quantifying Cuntishness, he's 3.2''
''you're a twat.''
''5.2, cunt.''*

*5.2 may not be an accurate figure, there is a +/- of 3.5 when the cunt and subject are known to one another
by senseofnon December 22, 2010
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The extent to which a person resembles a human vagina in their behaviour.
Sam's cuntitude was off the scale.

The cuntitude in this room is palpable.
by Should be writing an essay... September 25, 2011
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A port man teau between "attitude" and "cunt". Cuntitute is the measure of one's cunty aura.
"I wasn't even sure if she was talking about me , i may've misfired my cuntitude"
by The Sesh Gremlinz October 05, 2019
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Ability to pull off wearing a hat
He has so much cuntitude, but his friend Frank doesn't really have as much.
by lightlysalted October 13, 2007
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