An insult to be aimed at any annoying person. Originated as cuntface but evolved into what you see now.
"Shut up you stupid fucking cuntchops"
"Get outta my way cuntchops"
by Darren July 4, 2004
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a very loud person,who doesnt know anything about life
by terry nash July 16, 2003
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Any type of meat that shares a similar taste, consistancy, and scent of a pussy.

How it came to be:
Upon ordering a chicken caesar salad once, I took my first bite and realized something tasted very familar, but not like chicken. I then immediately associated it with pussy. Not only did it taste like it, but it had labial consistancy, that is, a labial feeling on my tongue, and upon a quick inhale through my nose, the scent of a washed pussy.

I dubbed the chicken - Cuntchops.
Man, I went to the Cheesecake Factory last night and I swore I was eating cuntchops!

I'm not a big fan of cuntchops... It reminds me too much of my ex.
by Lord of Cheese February 7, 2005
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A person who you find so absolutley revolting and so chronicly annoying that you want to label them a cunt but are prevented from doing so because said person is that much of a pathetic lowlife and scumbag they don't quite deserve to be labelled a whole Cunt but rather a smaller portion of Cunt Ie: a Cuntchop.
girl: that Guy Gavin is so trampy and neglectful to his son you know?

Friend: and he is so ungreatful never even thanked me

girl: he is such a Cuntchop!!
by critic-royal November 26, 2009
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