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A very tired person. A fatigued individual

A good way to elude social persecution after calling someone a cunt and getting caught doing it.
You:“Look at these guys behind us, they look like a bunch of cunts”

Them: “Hey, did you just call us cunts?”
You: (feels as though you have been caught) “Oh no, i said you look like a bunch of cunce. It means to be a very tired person, you look exhausted!”
by Roadhouse97 February 17, 2018
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When the word cunt just isn't strong enough. A combination of cunt and nonce. To only be used for that one person you hate more than any other. Usually a work colleague who pisses you off one too many times.
(insert name here) is such a cunce. If I never see him again, it'll be too soon
by PPs biggest nemesis February 08, 2018
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A cunt that lacks so much intelligence, she is also a dunce.
Yo that cunce at McDonald's screwed up my order AND spit in my food bro.

Thirsty cunce keeps making shady remarks on boyfriend's page, but can't even spell.
by MissBlazinAsian August 01, 2015
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