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A very tired person. A fatigued individual

A good way to elude social persecution after calling someone a cunt and getting caught doing it.
You:β€œLook at these guys behind us, they look like a bunch of cunts”

Them: β€œHey, did you just call us cunts?”
You: (feels as though you have been caught) β€œOh no, i said you look like a bunch of cunce. It means to be a very tired person, you look exhausted!”
by Roadhouse97 February 17, 2018
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Is a term used to define a group of unsavoury or questionable people. Usually reserved for politicians, esp at, or around, election times.
Those thieving cunce! Who voted for them?
by Swallowed a dictionary March 03, 2018
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When the word cunt just isn't strong enough. A combination of cunt and nonce. To only be used for that one person you hate more than any other. Usually a work colleague who pisses you off one too many times.
(insert name here) is such a cunce. If I never see him again, it'll be too soon
by PPs biggest nemesis February 07, 2018
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