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A cave dwelling, pasty, chalky albino monkey. Allergic to the sun. Often tries to darken its skin and fatten its lips up.
Likes borrowing aspects of far superior cultures and integrating them into its own. Disproportionately high percentage of porn is practice by Cumskin females. It is possible that its skin is really not pasty white, its just the millennia's of sex of incest and prostitution which has resulted in the sperm crusting over its skin.

American variants have all these qualities but are often extremely overweight and sport mammoth tusk-like buck tooth's which they vigorously file down. likes to class itself as a "Caucasian" or the more extreme (but also hideously grotesque looking) ones like to classify itself as "Aryan or Aryan Supremacist). This variant also often likes to utilise IQ differences as a verbal weapon, however its own IQ usually numbers in the single digits.

The American Cumskin inbreeds. Years of this have caused many of these creatures to develop overbites, bulges, spindly legs and arms and more.

The diet of all cumskins solely consists of fatty foods such as burgers, fries, pies and sugar. Additionally, the American Cumskin also consumes deer, raccoon and rat meat along with sperm as a beverage. It labels this as "White Cuisine".
Person 1: Hey, do you smell that disgusting smell of something burning?
Person 2: Yeah, that Cumskin over there is tanning.
Person 1: Oh! Doesn't that cave albino know that its defected, pasty skin is not built to withstand UV rays?

Person 2: It's the American Variant.....
Person 1: Ew!!! Say no more!!
by Baxbybbb March 31, 2019
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A Caucasian known for his white colored skin. The color is the same as cum.
Those cumskins are so racist
by Infamy August 27, 2015
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