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An alternate term for a cleft chin because when cum dribbles out of a woman/man's mouth it naturally acts a funnel, guiding the cum down the center of their chin to their chest.
I got a BJ from toothless Tammy last night, she couldn't take the whole load so it dribbled down her cum funnel and on to her tits.
by J. Edgar Allen May 18, 2010
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Any body orifice that cum can be deposited in – more commonly the mouth.
Frustration: "Shut your cumfunnel, Sheila"!

Elation: "I’ll fuck your cumfunnel all night, Sheila"!
by lick a lotta spokes November 08, 2004
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Oral sex technique involving a regular funnel. The cum swallower holds a funnel in his mouth in order to not spill any of the semen outside the oral cavity. Made popular by amateur pornstar Britney (aka Chicktrainer). Aside from the obvious degrading sexual aspect the technique is supposed to combine the appeal of both the visual (external) cumshot as well as semen swallowing without the usual problems of spillage (= facial moneyshot).
Britney got cum funnelled and swallowed every drop of semen.
by Sam_K October 10, 2006
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cum funnel: the art of group mastrabation into a funnel placed inside an obalob's mouth once the obalob has the groups jism in her mouth she then proceeds to snowball with other group members
"heres jen she's an obalob lets funnel cum with her."
by bal March 08, 2005
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