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A male partner that does what it takes by hand, mouth, voice or penis, to have his partner have multiple orgasms.
My Cum Daddy always gets me up, and never let's me down.
by Ironfireman December 06, 2008
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Nickname for a guy who can produce a lot of cum
Brianne : Hey Chad thanks for hiring me I really needed a job SOO!!! are you gonna be my Cum Daddy?
Chad : O Wow your so cute Im gonna fill your little pussy and ass up with cum then Im gonna cumdition the rest of your hot little body MMMMM!
Steve : Just save some of that for me Cum Daddy! (wink)
Brianne : O My God! Are you guy's gay?
Steve : Hell no were just bicurious just don't tell his wife!
Brianne : You are such a creaphole I can't believe I was going to let you fuck my hot little body when you have a wife at home! and you stick your dick in that thing as well! Uhhhh I QUIT!!!!!
Steve : Well since she's gone now maybe you can fuck my hot big body Cum Daddy! (wink)
Chad : Oh Go Fuck Yourself!
Steve : Oh Chad your so cute when your mad!
by SlopNChop July 17, 2018
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Cumdaddy is a term used for someone who likes Cum being sprayed into their face daily. They must be obsessed with cum and need to receive a cumshot to the face everyday. They are the type of person who will make a girl sleep on a chair instead of in their own bed if the situation occurs and they will call their boyfriend over immedietly after the girl falls asleep. CumDaddy is an expression that ONLY Homosexuals may acquire.
For Example, Dan Gillard is a cumdaddy because he enjoys long walks on the beach, because he loves to see how many times he can get sprayed into the face before the beach ends.
by KelleyBeatsMe August 10, 2011
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