Culling is the process of seasonally removing friends from a group based on specific criteria. This is done either to reinforce certain desirable characteristics, such as werewolfism (the term for having fun drunken alter egos), or to remove certain undesirable characteristics, such as snailism (the term for excessively hanging around when no one wants you there). The process of culling usually involves large amounts of salt.
Culling Gale the Snail: "Nobody likes salting the snail, but she leaves you no choice."
by AlwaysSunny August 9, 2011
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Caithness word for someone who is an Idiot, bam or not right for n the head
He's a cull
by Gary e cull April 17, 2017
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To Remove inferior and useless friends from one's Facebook friends list. Typically fake friends and fremies who one doesn't want stalking them are removed.
"I culled that idiot from my friends list"
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Either the verb (to cull) or the acronym CULL (C U Later, Loser). Typically used when reverting your friends list on facebook to contain only those people you actually know and talk to.
Some of my so called friends on facebook only sent me an add to bump up their numbers - CULL time!!

All that girl does is whine on her status every 5 minutes, clogging up my home page. She needs culling!
by Porohea July 18, 2010
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To vigorously lick female genitilia with the intent of "digging to china" generally an action of someone who is socially awkward or not cool
Dude I heard she got culled last night by that Johnny kid.
by Fratmoves21 December 18, 2014
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To kill off a certain number of people or animals to acheive the desired number.
The government culls off those who resist being brainwashed by its propaganda.

The rancher had to cull back his herd by 500 cattle during the drought.
by AYB April 6, 2003
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Brandon McCartney is a fucking cull he didn’t do his laundry or wash the dishes or pick up dogshit he left it all for his girlfriend!
by Shayescosbyshow November 7, 2018
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