A practice in cultures, most commonly believed to be originated from Irish heritage wherein the couple decides to have a baby instead of getting a divorce or actually working on their problems through healthy means. ALWAYS amplifies the problem but due to traditional views, the couple therein stays together and them and them child suffers. The classic "Stacking Shit on Shit" situation.
Nell and Hayden can't stop arguing every day.

We thought they were headed for divorce but they just announced they're going to have a baby. Ah, the Traditional Irish Save the Marriage Baby. Poor kid..
by Martini Drysdale March 03, 2021
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Meaning, "Not Irish"

Most countries don't place their nation's name before an invention. Eg: they are called trains, not British trains, Washing Machines not German Washing Machines, Gas lighting, not Dutch Gas lighting. The Irish have cottoned on to this fact and come up with a cunning strategy. You take something foreign and place the words "Traditional Irish" in front of and the people are generally so stupid they simply believe it.
Traditional Irish Bouzouki, Traditional Irish Flute, Traditional Irish Jig, Traditional Irish Hornpipe, Traditions Irish Guitar, Traditional Irish Didgeridoo, Traditional Irish Shepherd's Pie, Traditional Irish Pizza, Traditional Irish Sushi, Traditional Irish Eskimo Dancing, ect..............
by Lillburne August 10, 2018
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