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Cuddle Fuck

When cuddling leads to sex
We were watching a movie and while we were laying there I went from cuddle to cuffle, 8.5 seconds.
by Pancake booty July 21, 2009
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To handcuff someone and force them to cuddle with you.
Girl #1: Hey, I'm sorry about last night...

Girl #2: Yeah.... You didn't have to cuffle me
by Jamie Ramone September 09, 2006
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Shuffling with the cuffs of a shirt or blazer, such as in an awkward situation. Especially prominent in embarrassed or awkward politicians, namely Gordon Brown.
"You can cuffle all you want, you still want to make out with each other"
by Gabriel Winters April 04, 2009
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snuggling with your partner while your hands are restrained, preferably in metal handcuffs.
After Julie received her paddling with her hands in cuffs, Jack proceeded to cuffle with Julie.
by The good times roll November 29, 2017
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