Dominican slang for the word slut for any girl/guy that is too easy when it comes to men/women regardless of sexuality.
Spanish: Mira a esa maldita cuero.
English: Look at that fucking slut.

Spanish: Tu si eres cuero.
English: You are such a slut.
by Playarincon November 17, 2010
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Dominican word for slut, thot, whore, or Hoe
Mira a ese maldito cuero
Look at that fucking slut
by Awstensknee February 24, 2019
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a girl that's easy. like a whore. used in south america
Tu eres un cuero sucio. You are a cheap bitch.
by myke rossi September 5, 2003
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Colombian slang for a rolling paper, especially used in the Andean region such as Medellín.
Parce. dame los cueros y una candelita.
Man, gimme the papers and a lighter.
by La gringa paisa September 12, 2023
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