When a couple finishes a sex session and the man remains in their partner and transitions into cuddling, still inside their partner, occasionally thrusting into them
As soon as Mark finished, he collapsed over Wendy. Breathing heavily and moving his hips they cuddlefucked until they fell asleep
by Siglofbaphomet January 26, 2015
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When an innocent, earnest attempt at cuddling turns very sexy, without exceeding the threshold of exertion that would stop all cuddling and leave only fucking.
Tired from cooking, the girls laid down to cuddle and nap. Then, things turned unexpectedly naughty. They never stopped cuddling, never changed position, but orgasms preceded their originally intended slumber as they cuddlefucked to sleep.
by DomesticGoddess™ July 16, 2020
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When you wanna cuddle and be close, but then it takes a brutally savage turn and you take them to pound town on the fuck truck.
David: "aye bro what'd you and Lisa do last night?"
Joey: "we cuddlefucked hard core."
*both bros' 360 y-y no scope high five each other*
by Skis hand April 26, 2015
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When a guy cuddles sideways on the couch with a girl from behind while fucking her in the pussy.
We were on couch, sleeping, until he started cuddlefucking me.
by VocaloidWriter January 12, 2015
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When you're cuddling with a chick and you initiate sex from behind
Man, I cuddlefucked her so hard last night, it was tighter than normal.
by TwiistedPH3NOM March 23, 2015
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cud·dle fu•ck
The highest teir of cuddling, this is when cuddling has reached the point where it is just as enjoyable as sex (but you last longer) usually only resulting in the two options of actually fucking or taking a rejuvenating nap.

synonyms: spooning, embrace, clasp, hold tight, hold/fold in one's arms, snuggle
"I can't wait to get home a cuddlefuck you to sleep after work"

"Honey, I'm tired can you settle for cuddlefucking instead? We can see how I feel when I wake up"
by Officer long schlong March 10, 2017
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Emotionally comfortable sex that leaves both parties satisfied yet unattached.
"Hey, how was your weekend?"
"Ah, i just hung out with Joe from my Physics class last night."
"So what were you two up to?"
"We just talked and stuff."
"You totally had sex, didn't you!? But hey, isn't it awkward in class now, or you two a thing?"
"Neither. We cuddlefucked."
by Frankhenklein September 12, 2009
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