a way of saying "peace", often used as a sign off or a symbol of one's departure. the name is derived from the two fingers that go up when making a peace sign with a hand.
Rick: "Remember that we gotta' pick up Susan tomorrow."
Bill: "Alright, man, i'll remember. I'm calling it a night. Two up."
by Kid Glorious March 20, 2010
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Simoultaneous sex with a womans rear and front entry
by Rear entry Reg November 19, 2003
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Two's up is a very old Yorkshire expression meaning, "Save me a small amount of what you're currently consuming" It was originally used by miners who were hungry and wanted a piece of pie from one of their more fortunate colleagues. It became more popular in the 70's and meant "share your cigarette with me".
I've left my fags at home, two's up on your rolly (hand rolled cigarette)"
by Little Alf February 19, 2016
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nutha way 4 sayin save me half (on cig)
ste says - two's up phil
phil says - ryt den
ste says - safe
by Phillian June 9, 2005
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two's up is the act of slipping one in a lady friend whilst your friend does the same on another orifice
i know it's a sunday but there's two's up on the cards... let's GO!
by nick williams January 13, 2009
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A song by Australian Rock N Roll band AC/DC on their 1988 album Blow Up Your Video
The other day I was listening to Two's Up...what a killer track!
by accadaccadefinitions April 16, 2010
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hey mate - do you think that girl would be interested in a twos-up???
by Dirty Sanchez December 13, 2003
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